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 uPVC Windows

uPVC Windows

uPVC Windows

Upvc windows have been around now for many years, What's the difference between all the windows out there. Well not a lot.

All upvc window sections are normally multi chambered to attain energy standards. Multi chambered profile separate pockets of air from the outside to the inside thus creating a thermal barrier.

One of the main differences is the make up of double glazed units. Adding gases and different types of energy glass and even triple glass give a unique energy rating known as A rating or B rating etc.

The minimum energy rating allowed for building regulations is "C". The best rating is A or A+ etc.

Manchester upvc Windows are Absolute Window Company based here in Worsley Manchester. We manufacture all our own products including the Roof2roof solid conservatory tiled roofing system right here in our factory.

When you order from us your deposit is insurance backed along with a ten year insurance backed guarantee. You are welcome to come and view your products being made in our factory in Manchester. Absolute Window Company here in Worsley.

We manufacture many type of windows including Tilt and Turn Windows, Vertical Sliding Windows, French Windows, Casement, Coloured  and even Muti Windows.

What Makes a good window?

Good question, for Security the beads should be on the inside of the house, this prevents un-authorised removal of the beads. Welded Joints, these give a good strong robust frame. Multi point locking, harder for burglars to gain entry. Locking Handle, windows cannot be opened with out a key. Quality, the overall finish of you window frame. Double Glazed Units, the second most important part of window, the quality of the double glazed units can give you years of enjoyment without problems, get a failed unit and you will need to replace with a hefty cost attached. Double glazed units are also the energy efficient part of the window make up. Buy the best energy rating units you can afford at the beginning, you will beifit for years of energy saving cost etc.

Manchester upvc Windows

Make the right choice and choose a window company that guarantees quality. We've been around now for many years with 30 plus  in the industry. We are dedicated to provided a first class service.


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upvc windows
upvc windows
upvc windows

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