upvc windows Manchester 


upvc windows Manchester
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upvc windows Manchester

Turning Things Around


Rising energy costs, cold homes, global warming, we're helping to address these important issues. Our windows cleverly include some non-visible recycled PVC-U window content, such as the reinforcement bars that are fitted inside the opening frame profiles to provide added strength and thermal efficiency. Unlike some other options out there, our PVC-U windows can be recycled up to 10 times with a total lifespan of 400 years!

By selecting windows and doors manufactured from PVC-U rather than other alternative framing materials, you can be confident that the products will never flake, peel, rust or rot and they will provide beautiful good looks and maintenance freedom for many years to come.

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Casement Windows

What are casement windows? Well they are standard windows we all use in this country. All opening windows open outwards and all beads are on the inside.
Imagine your home with windows that are as long-lasting as they are beautiful -  and as elegant as they are energy efficient.  By replacing your existing windows with our uPVC windows, you'll make your favourite place quieter, safer, secure and more energy efficient. upvc windows Manchester manufactured by Absolute Windows.


But that's just the beginning, when you're at home you'll see the difference with new windows that are the perfect colour match for your house, whether they are in White, Woodgrain, Antique Oak, Cream, Rustic Cherry or one of our 10 other Artisan colour options.  You'll sense the difference too, because our windows come with a Green Guide A rating, so they'll help to shrink your energy bills.  This warm feeling will last as long as your new windows.  Throughout their long lifespan, they'll remain as virtually maintenance-free, efficient and attractive as they were on day one.  So by replacing your windows you could add more value to your home.




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Vertical Sliding Windows

A centuries-old design, the sliding sash window is not only an original feature of period buildings - it has become an increasingly popular choice for home-owners and developers of newer properties wishing to replicate the charm of bygone times.

Utilising the function benefits and performance of a modern uPVC window system, the vertical slider is practical, secure and energy efficient - ideal for the modern home.


Bow Windows

Bring more of the outside in with our stylish replacement uPVC bow windows.  Being built out from your existing walls, our bow windows cleverly extend the space-adding a whole new dimension to your house.  While they're clever, they are also a fairly straight forward installation option to create replacement windows with a difference.

These windows are manufactured to an energy rating of either A, B or C rating.

Modern Day High Performance

What are Tilt and Turn windows? Well they are windows that are widely used in Europe. The opening windows open inwards into the room. They also tilt for air circulation. These windows are often obstructed in this country with curtains, blinds etc

Being uPVC, the frame requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean.  Property owners don't have to face the chore of endless sanding, painting and varnishing as they would with hardwood frames.  uPVC can be easily wiped clean.  The tilt mechanisms on both sashes makes the sliders sash window even easier to keep clean.

We do a variety of colours and woodgrain effects.
These windows are manufactured to an energy rating of either A, B or C rating. These frame also tilt for easy cleaning.

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Tilt and Turn Windows

Easy cleaning of glass from inside
What are Tilt and Turn windows? Well they are windows that are widely used in Europe. The opening windows open inwards into the room making it easy to clean the outside glass. They also tilt for air circulation



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