Roof2roof Brochure

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Roof2Roof Brochure

Roof2Roof Brochure

Roof2Roof Brochure

Please click the link below to download our brochure.

Its full of useful information regarding solid conservatory roofs. It shows and explains the ins and outs of the full system including building regulations.

The different tiles you can have and various colours available are shown in the brochure that gives you a very good idea.

Lightweight tiles from Metrotile a lightweight metal tile or the more traditional look of Slate using the Tapco tile, which is a plastic designed replica of original slate. These tiles are very well known and come with a long lasting guarantee.

The roof2roof system comes with a 25 Year guarantee and insurance backed guarantee as standard with all our roofs. They also come with full building regulation approval, this will enable you to sell your house easier if the event ever arises.

Insulate your conservatory roof with a roof2roof solid tiled roof. You will immediately feel the difference in the warmth or cool temperatures using the 150 mm insulation and also the noise level, when it rains for instance, no more tapping on the roof, peace and quiet.

Read and digest all the information available and notice how advanced the roofing system is compared with our competitors. They may look similar, but are miles apart deep under the surface.

Condensation for example is eliminated due to constant airflow around each roofing layer, but keeping the insulated properties. Other company's have had condensation problems as reported through our industry.

 We have internal designers to help with those awkward corners and box gutters etc, they will design a solution that is right for the job and satisfies the customer. All computer generated images are available to view before we manufacture.

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