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Leave A Testimonial

Leave A Testimonial

100% customer satisfaction achieved

Leave A Testimonial.

We would love to hear about your experience with Absolute Window Company.

Maybe you have had a new solid roof2roof or new windows and doors that you can tell our other customers about.

Our reputation is helped by people posting reviews for others to read so they can make up their minds if we are a good enough Company.

Please feel free to leave good or bad reviews

Thank you!

At Absolute Window Company we strive to achieve 100% satisfaction with our customers, we learn from all comments left by customers putting new systems in place, reacting to mistakes, increasing awareness. To date we have achieved 100% customer satisfaction from IWA. Their recent customer survey revealed that 100% of customers were totally satisfied with Absolute Window Company when they have had products installed. Reviews left by customers on Google reviews were excellent and google have given us a 5 star rating. Also after joining the award winning Checkatrade we have achieved 9.5/10 from their review systems from customers who have used us before.

So wheather it is a good testimonial or not so good please leave your comments, it will help us improve our systems and performance and tell other potential customers our faults.

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Leave A Testimonial

Leave A Testimonial

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