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Glass Room

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Glass Room

Glass Room

Glass Room. Enjoy your garden until well into Autumn - Weinor's Terrazza patio roof will keep you well sheltered from the wind and other elements. And your patio furniture can remain outside without being damaged. The appeal of Weinor's patio roof is its elegant construction, attractively shaped design and high durability. With numerous versions available, it is also very suited to many different types of houses and requirements.


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The Glasoase

weinor Glasoase

Light Flooded Elegance

Bring your garden into your home - with the elegant weinor Glasoase that offers you smooth transitions to the outside. This glass oasis is a combination of a Terrazza patio roof comprising all glass elements that can be closed to form an uninsulated conservatory. The many flexible and fixed glazed side elements allow for any number of possible combinations. 

Fun on the patio, whatever the weather

When summer arrives in the European countries to the south of the Alps, long-lasting sunshine is almost guaranteed. Yet on this side of the Alps, wet weather is always a reality - even in the warmest months of the year. Although the owners of gardens and farmers might welcome the rain, it is just what patio fans don't want. This is because in the summer months they want to be able to spend as much time as possible, enjoying barbecues and socialising with their friends and family outdoors. And they don't like it when the weather gods upset their plans.

There's no such thing as poor weather - just the wrong kind of equipment

And yet an age-old pearl of wisdom used by hikers can also be adapted for the patio at home: there's no such thing as poor weather - just the wrong kind of equipment. If a glazed roof protects the patio from above it can feel really romantic to keep nice and dry and enjoy the fresh air while the rain of a summertime shower pitter-patters against the roof. Thanks to a sophisticated glazed roof system from Weinor, it is possible to configure the patio as required so that it is rain- and weather proof. Further information about the appropriate extension options is available at

In this way, for example, a step-by-step development up to the construction of a completely closed Glasoase is possible. A glazed roof can initially be added to the house which keeps nasty surprises from the sky at bay. Optionally available side walls guard against cold evening breezes. And those who can't get enough of their patio can extend it with sliding, turning or folding glazed elements and create what is known as a completely closed, cold-conservatory.

Extend the patio season

In this way, the patio season can start as soon as the spring and continue until the autumn. Additional accessories such as LED lighting or electrical radiant heaters ensure heat and atmosphere both when the days are short and as they start to get shorter. And when it starts to get really summery outside, then the glazed front can be pushed to the side.

Prepared for every weather with a glass roof and awning

Glazed roofs and so-called cold-conservatories extend the summer. Yet when the sun is really shining, a greenhouse effect can set in under the glass. The solar rays go through the glass and the local heat levels increase appreciably. This means that a glazed roof or cold-conservatory should also include a textile awning which provides shade during sunny weather and can be retracted easily when it is cloudy. The ideal solution here is a combination with a motor drive and "BiConnect" for instance, with solar, wind and rain sensors. Information:


weinor glass room
weinor glass room