• (New) Garden Studios

    Garden Studios

    The first Maintenance free Garden Studios

    Made from a composite plastic, these Garden Studios are ideal for outside in the garden. No damp, no plastering just a wipe down material inside and out with four colours to choose from. Components can be mixed to give a unique contrast in colour. Decking also compliments the environment made from the same materials and colours.

    These are the latest in design and material use in an ever expanding market. Bi folding doors, french doors etc can be fitted in different configurations to give you a unique building.

    The Garden Studio can be erected on a concrete base or our Aluminium superior base, only available from Absolute Window Company. Some of the uses you can have are Home Office, Outdoor Kitchen, Summer House, Entertainment Studio, Bar and Social Point, Creche these are just a few examples including workshops and Teenage Living Space etc.

    The standard flooring is insulated with a 50mm Styrofloor system topped off with a Chipboard finish. Pre routed panels can be ordered for electrical sockets, switches etc. The ceiling is finished off in a quality lightweight white hollow cladding, giving the space an airy feel. Extra windows can be fitted to the sides if required.

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