• Glass Rooms outdoor living

    Glass Rooms outdoor living

    Outdoor Living To The Max.

    The new Glasoasen Glass room Glass Rooms outdoor living from weinor is the latest addition to Absolute Window Co products.

    Designed specifically for living outdoors, making full use of your garden.

    Chilli at night or just a bit too windy, these rooms are perfect. You can include night lighting and patio heaters making them a perfect place to enjoy Summer, Spring and Autumn outdoors. When the weather gets warmer all the glass doors slide back to give you the sense of living in the garden with fresh air all around and the smells of outdoor, the sounds of birds and sheep etc.

    The perfect sanctuary for reading that book.

    The North Wests main retailer for weinor, German Quality as standard.

    Any interest should be directed to 0161 793 1166 option 3

    Visit               Glass Rooms   Website for more information.



    Glass Rooms outdoor living



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